If you require mental health crisis support, please contact your local mental health services, your GP, or telephone 111 or the emergency services.

Recovery College Online

Providing a range of online educational courses and resources to people who might be struggling with mental health issues, families, friends, mental health workers and anyone else who might be interested.

Your Recovery and Wellbeing

Head over to the wellbeing section of our website to find out more about the importance of wellbeing, what it is and what you can do to support your recovery.

Real Life Stories

Explore our "real life stories", where you can read people's stories of hope, their experiences of a diagnosis, and what gives people purpose and a sense of wellbeing each day.

Music for Wellbeing

A series of playlists designed to calm you, enliven you, and more! You can also learn about the science behind it all, to find out how and why different music helps in different ways.

Your Mental Health

Use the link to the section on "Your Mental Health" to learn about different diagnosis, self-esteem, bereavement & loss, memory problems and more...

Nature and Wellbeing

This course looks at the benefits of being in nature on our mental health and wellbeing, and whether it is always helpful. For people who want to increase their interaction with nature, it uses the Five Ways to Wellbeing structure to discuss ways to connect with nature, take notice in nature, be active in nature, learn in and about nature and give to nature. It will also discuss ways that people who are unable to get outdoors can still benefit from natures qualities. The course is heavily influenced by lived experience examples.

E-learning down-time...

We carried out some essential maintenance of our e-learning site this morning, which is now complete and the online learning area is now available to use again.